Monochrome Warbler Greets the World

Chibbi-Art Monochrome Warbler Greets the World

The Black and White Warbler, a small bird species, is showcased in an artistic chibi style illustration. The artwork features soft, muted colors and simple volumetric lighting in a visually appealing, black background. It is part of the ColorART series, which is known for its cinematic, high-quality photos that capture the most beautiful artworks in the world. The photo has a 13 ultra-detailed focus with epic, realistic details, hyper-detailed rim light, and intricate blurred background. The background is set in a majestic yet cluttered environment. The composition follows a 18mm F22 centered image, professionally color-graded using DSLR and soft studio light setup. The artwork is currently trending on Instagram.

2024-07-14 11:24