Jewel Beetle Chibi Charm

Chibbi-Art Jewel Beetle Chibi Charm

The artwork showcases a Jewel Beetle, a popular choice in chibi art style, that appears to face the viewer. It is crafted with a simple yet volumetric light background that showcases the insect artfully. The image itself is of ultra-high detail, and has been professionally color graded to create a stunning visual. It features an epic, realistic and hyper-detailed rim light, along with muted tones creating a fantastic atmosphere. The location where the beetle is perched is majestic and cluttered, with an intricate blurred background and bold elements in the foreground. Shot with a DSLR camera, the image uses an 18mm F22 centered image composition with soft studio light, all creating a stylish and trendy artistic piece that has been popular on Instagram.

2024-07-13 15:24