Cricket Chibi: A Glimpse into Its World

Chibbi-Art Cricket Chibi: A Glimpse into Its World

This artwork is designed in a cricket chibi style and showcases a character that seems to be looking straight at the viewers. The artist has chosen a simple volumetric light background and the overall art style is highly detailed, professional looking, and color graded. This photo is part of a series called “ColorART” and is 13 ultra detailed. It features the most beautiful artwork in the world, with epic realistic HDR, intricate details, a hyper-detailed rim light, and a muted tone. The location is fantastic and majestic, with a cluttered environment blended seamlessly in the background. It’s also blurred and has a soft studio light. The photo is centered with an image composition that appears trendy, especially among Instagram users. It’s captured using a DSLR camera and has been professionally photographed.

2024-07-12 14:24