Chibi View: The Waimanu Dreamscape

Chibbi-Art Chibi View: The Waimanu Dreamscape

The Waimanu chibi art style, in simple terms, is an artistic representation that faces the viewers. This style is characterized by a simple use of volumetric light in the background and is presented under the ColorART phenomenon. In this particular work, the focus is on a cinematic photo that features the most beautiful artwork in the world. The image is ultra-detailed with epic realistic HDR and intricate details. There is a subtle, hyper-detailed rim light along with muted colors and fantastic location. The environment is majestic yet cluttered, with an intricate, slightly blurred background. This work follows a 18mm F22 centered image composition, professionally color-graded, and features a soft, studio-like light. Notably, this work is trending on Instagram.

2024-07-13 17:24