Chibi Shark

Chibbi-Art Chibi Shark

This piece of artwork showcases a crocodile shark in the chibi art style, facing the viewer directly. The artist has focused on the simplicity of the design and utilizes volumetric light in the background for that artistic feel. The whole piece has been created with a ColorART approach, which makes it cinematic and photorealistic. The details in the image are ultra-detailed, with a beautiful blend of realistic and epic factors. The hdr (high dynamic range) adds to the hyper-detailed nature of the artwork, and the rim light gives it the perfect illumination. The location has been given a majestic touch, while the environment is cluttered, which enhances the intricate nature of the picture. There’s an 18mm F22 composition, centered and professionally color graded, making it look so amazing that it’s trending on Instagram. This photograph is undoubtedly among the most beautiful artwork in the world!

2024-07-12 14:24