Chibi Rat Snake Gaze

Chibbi-Art Chibi Rat Snake Gaze

A Chibi art style portrait of a Black Rat Snake shows the snake gazing directly at the viewer. This artwork is created by an artist with a simple, yet effective approach to lighting, using volumetric light effects which gives it a cinematic quality. The background is kept colorful and artistic, with a focus on intricate details and hyper-realistic rendering. This work of art is praised for its epic beauty, attention to realistic detail and impressive HDR rendering. The professional color grading, taken from a DSLR shot, adds depth and warmth to the image. Underlying lighting source has a soft, centered quality making the subject stand out. It is said to be inspired by a majestic location with a cluttered environment with an intricate blurred background. The image is taken with 18mm F22 setting ensuring a centered composition. Such professional-grade images are trending on Instagram.

2024-07-13 17:24